Malartu Advanced Analytics

Combine Your Data with the Power of Machine Learning

The future of data analytics is predictive and prescriptive analytics. Malartu can take you there. By leveraging the Malartu platform to aggregate and organize your firm's data and leveraging our machine learning and artificial intelligence partnerships, you can develop your own artificial intelligence analysts to aid in decision making and setting strategic direction.

As your firm continues to build and organize data sets, the ability to analyze that data quickly is imperative to remaining a top-tier firm. Malartu can aid as a quantitative analytics platform to aid your executive team and governing boards in setting direction - whether that means approving or denying new deals, shedding light on a particular trend, or recommending initiatives to improve certain key metrics. 


How it Works

The Malartu Data Maturity Model

Following the Malartu Data Maturity Model, firms work with our team to move from Data Aware to Data Driven. Our proven model clearly illustrates steps your team will take on your path to extracting all of your value from your data.

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Product Overview

Malartu leverages our unique approach to data aggregation and flexible reporting to monitor and report on portfolio data for any GP or LP. Our proprietary document parsing tool and API integrations allow managers to expand their data initiatives, analyze their impact with hard data, and leverage machine learning to perform prescriptive analysis.

Key Benefits to Using Malartu


Powerful Aggregation

Our document tools and API connections mean you can aggregate and analyze more data than any other platform across your entire network.

Data Normalization

Our custom data mapping solutions means that once you've aggregated data from reports it will also be organized and ready to analyze.


Advanced Analytics

Leverage our Malartu Data Maturity Model and advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence to bring your data analytics to the next level.

Fast Implementation

with low requirements of your team.



Implementation Fees


Custom Reporting Flexibility

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