Inviting your client into their account

Follow this help article to add a user to an account:

In some cases you may want to add an associate at your firm to a handful of accounts. To do this, select “View Other Accounts You Manage” and follow the same process as the single account.

Now your associate will be added to all of the selected accounts 👍

Understanding user roles and permissions

On the user invite page you should notice two user information fields: Role and Permissions.

Malartu customizes the user experience for various roles during the user onboarding process, so this is helpful information to add.

Permissions can be any of the following:

  • Admin: user can connect new data sources, invite new users, add new boards, and create new metrics

  • Write: user can connect new data sources, add new boards and create new metrics

  • Read: user can only view boards and change view ranges

Sharing boards with non-users

Malartu gives advisors a huge advantage in measuring client happiness and service profitability in its usage and event tracking within the platform, but there may still be some cases where you want to share boards with non-users.

Sharing data with non-users is done through snapshots.

How to create and share a snapshot