Malartu Key Benefits (Video)

Aggregating Data from Excel Reports in Malartu

One of the key benefits to Malartu is how we extract valuable information from reports and organize it in our system. This video will demonstrate how a fund manager can upload multiple reports through the platform and immediately have indexed and organized data to work with, whether in dashboards or custom reports.


Data Aggregation through API Integrations with Malartu

The Malartu integration engine allows customers to automate the creation and collection of reports through API integrations with tools companies use to run their business. This video will demonstrate how a company account can connect directly to an ERP system like Quickbooks Enterprise to port information into Malartu and up to an investor.


Fund Governance with Malartu

Portfolio company data is not the only data set your fund works with. Malartu also aggregates data from the fund-level that might be used for fund governance. These dashboards function exactly like portfolio data dashboards with powerful features like custom metrics builders, tables, sheets, and a myriad of chart types.