How RevGen Saves 40 Hours per Month with Malartu

RevGen is a North Carolina - based leader in technology sales development. We met RevGen as we scaled our own sales team and were looking for feedback on some of our strategies. During our discussions, we identified RevGen had a problem in the way they gathered and analyzed data within their own operations. Naturally, we offered to tackle the issue with the Malartu platform.

The Problem

The problem lived in RevGen’s sales engagement platform. Or more accurately, how RevGen built performance reports from the data provided by the sales engagement platform. They use Salesloft, a fantastic tool out of Atlanta. Salesloft is a critical part of RevGen’s sales process, but the ability to easily combine daily sales process with management-level analysis and planning was not available. This lead to a time suck and several manual processes that introduced human error and lost opportunity for employees to improve. Without adding additional, cumbersome tools (like an ERP system), how could we restructure the existing data in Salesloft and give RevGen the management reports they need?

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The team at Malartu was fantastic. They went the extra mile to deliver a solution that fit our needs perfectly.
— John Rosar, CEO | RevGen

The Setup

John Rosar, CEO of RevGen, had experienced this problem before. Before starting RevGen, he was a Senior Sales Leader for a growing division at a Fortune 500 enterprise software provider. The division that John worked in found a tremendous amount of success by leading with data when analyzing sales rep performance. Think Moneyball meets sales. They had a dedicated in-house analytics team who helped support the data driven culture through monitoring tests and delivering reports. For day to day insights, the analytics team was asked to create a master reporting tool and appropriately named it, “The Dream Sheet,” as it was every sales manager’s dream. This was a big ask and something they would spend considerable time developing but also something that greatly contributed to the success of the company.  Each morning John’s management team would use the The Dream Sheet to review the underlying information and discuss what they were doing well, what they were doing poorly, and how they could go about improving.

With a partnership between RevGen and Malartu, we set out to not only recreate The Dream Sheet, but to improve it, all on one platform.

The Dream Sheet, along with a few broken links. #Excel

The Dream Sheet, along with a few broken links. #Excel

The Process

The first step in solving the problem was to identify three key pieces of information: inputs, calculations, and outputs. Our goal is to automate the data aggregation process which requires us to automatically connect to the programs RevGen is using and pull the various data into our system. To beat The Dream Sheet we first needed to recreate it in Malartu, then connect the rest of the tools RevGen uses to add more color to the whole operation.


In order to aggregate the data and display it in a format that is desired, we start looking at the data source. In this case, management was looking for sales data from Salesloft with the ability to add data from other programs later. We started by mapping the API for the data source and identified endpoints with information needed to meet our goals. In this case we were pulling high level sales numbers (number of calls, talk time, dispositions, sentiments, etc.). After we identified these endpoints and successfully mapped the API, we looked at what calculations/queries needed to take place to serve up the final deliverable.

A handful of valuable metrics aggregated and calculated from Salesloft

A handful of valuable metrics aggregated and calculated from Salesloft



Once we have the data, we restructure it in our database so that it's easy to work with and understand. Malartu’s indexed database is unique: our system knows what a number represents, it’s not just a number. Instead of pulling column A row 1, we are pulling “number of phone calls” and tagging the input as such. For RevGen, we initially needed to combine different reps into teams and split them up by cadence. This allows us to perform a variety of queries such as individual metrics, team metrics, and time metrics. Now to look at the data and serve it to RevGen.

A dashboard analyzing the performance of a specific cadence.

A dashboard analyzing the performance of a specific cadence.



To easily and clearly work with the data, we have a variety of tools and features baked into the platform. For RevGen we built a table view that mimicked their existing management scorecard (a static version of The Dream Sheet, pre-Malartu). In addition, we built several dashboards based on their teams and clients to show high-level metrics over various times. This provided a centralized location to view and interact with their data. Finally, we utilized our reporting module to build individualized reports that can be shared with management, clients, and team members at RevGen’s discretion.

Automatically generated Dream Sheet by Team/Cadence

Automatically generated Dream Sheet by Team/Cadence


The Result

By using Malartu, we can assess the business better and focus more of our efforts on getting our client’s results... This makes our managers more effective at their job while also saving hours each day
— John Rosar, CEO | RevGen


Delivering the Dream Sheet and management scorecards provided RevGen with instant insights into their operations. But it isn't just about insight, it's about time-to-insight. Meetings are now spent focused on management and strategy rather than data entry. This has several instant benefits:

  • Happier employees - frequent, transparent one-on-ones are now possible with time spent on discussing how to improve, not inputting numbers
  • New opportunities - having their sales data in a clear and concise format means RevGen can enhance the way they work.
    • They can display leaderboards on their sales floor, adding healthy competition and increasing performance.
    • Team members can compare data to establish best practices amongst each other without waiting on a report from an admin.
    • RevGen customers can view dashboards to clearly understand how RevGen is transforming their business, adding trust and value to the customer relationship.

RevGen is now equipped to scale their analytics and reporting with their fast-growing customer base. As their growth continues, strategic management of their resources becomes critical to success. With Malartu, RevGen will be able to scale their operations more efficiently and put their data to work.


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