Custom Pricing for Teams of All Sizes

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Why custom pricing

We work with anyone from mom-and-pop shops to private equity-backed businesses . Each company has unique needs and use cases, so in order to provide the most value to you, we need to know a bit about your business.

Each of our customers leverage native data connections, custom dashboards and reports, unlimited users, and support from our team here at Malartu. Plans are priced based on the consulting services required, amount of data being aggregated, and custom builds related to our API.

Please submit your information and our team will reach out to you to learn more about your business.


How we think about pricing

You can't just will your way to success, it takes good management and a full understanding of your business. Having a central hub for your team to understand your progress is essential. Why not bring all of your most important information into one hub where you can make decisions 10X faster. Why not make it as easy as a few clicks? We've found an affordable way to bring these solutions to our community of operators and investors.

We believe tracking your company's growth is an investment in and of itself. So we set our pricing at a level that allows us to invest in building a good product, and one that continues to strengthen your company decision making.

Our plans include these great features:

  • Unlimited dashboards

  • Unlimited metrics

  • Unlimited integrations

  • Unlimited team members

  • Advanced calculations and functions

  • Data Sheets

  • Premium integrations

  • Custom integrations

  • API Access

  • Chat and phone support

  • Security and Compliance Logs


Does Malartu provide a trial?

Yes, we provide a 14 day trial along with a free consultation to get everything setup for you to get rolling. Our experts will help you distill exactly what information is most important for you to track, hand over the keys to your new dashboards for two weeks, and let you experience the full value of Malartu before signing on.

What is the difference between Malartu and other dashboard and reporting tools?

In many cases a dashboard is just a dashboard, it's a regurgitation of data from various programs in a way that leaves you thinking, "cool, now what?" We've designed Malartu to help with not only data aggregation but also with generating insights. We're powerful enough to tackle large data sets but simple enough that you don't need a data scientist to set it up. You don't even need to know how to code. We're a great fit for small teams up to larger growth companies. We aren't afraid to get our hands dirty and we really love what we do. 

Can you connect all my data sources?

We connect to many of the most popular tools on the market like Quickbooks, Google Analytics, Stripe, and Salesforce. We are adding new integrations every day and regularly setup custom integrations for new customers. If we don't have it and it has an API, we can connect it for you. We also have our own REST API for connecting to any database. 

Can you combine multiple data sources?

Yes. Not only can you combine data from multiple different programs, you can compare blended metrics with any other metric to create an incredibly insightful visualization. For example, compare pipeline data from Salesforce with revenue data from Quickbooks data to see how your average contract value is changing over time. If it's going up, go give your sales team a pat on the back for an excellent job upselling. See what we did there?