What is Connect and why does it matter?


How we measure your network

Connect project lead, Jeff Pollack, explains the goal of this research and why it might help you as an entrepreneur.

How it works

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Sign in with your Gmail account

We’ll analyze your inbox to see who you’ve collaborated with over the last few years. Don’t worry, we won’t view any of your email content, just the to, from, and timestamp fields.

Get your engagement score

Using your engagement data, we will calculate how engaged you are with your immediate audience relative to the rest of the Connect community.

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Share with collaborators

After sharing Connect with collaborators we will give you your embededness score: how embedded you are relative to the rest of the Connect community. This score will tell you how strong your network is and where there’s opportunity for improvement.


Is Connect secure? 

Connect uses a technology called OAuth to authorize users via a Google website. The email address and password that you enter is not visible to Connect since the login page is controlled completely by Google. Once Google verifies your credentials, Connect is informed about that, and you are then given the choice by Google to allow/deny Connect access to your email data.

What information from my inbox does Connect collect?

To create your visualization Connect collects only the metadata (From, To, Cc and Timestamp) of emails. Connect does not access the subject or body of any of your emails. Privacy, and users’ ownership of their data, are very important to us, so we've designed Connect to prioritize the privacy of users and their ability to control their own data.

Does Connect save any personally identifying data?

No. Connect uses aggregate, de-identifed data sets to calculate engagement and embededness scores relative to the rest of the Connect community.

Some people that I expect to see in the visualization are not being shown. Why is that?

Connect requires a minimum of 3 sent and received emails for a contact to be considered as a collaborator and be part of the visualization. This allows Connect to filter out entities such as mailing lists, social network notifications, promotional emails, spam, etc.

Also pay special attention to the time-period for which the network is being shown.

Finally, Connect tries to guess what addresses belong to which people, since most people tend to have multiple email addresses. In some cases, contacts in your inbox can be confused to be the same person. We collate addresses for an individual person solely based on the name seen in the emails' metadata, to avoid multiple nodes for the same person appearing in the visualization.

Do you have plans to support email providers other than Gmail?

Yes. We are looking into the possibility of adding support for Exchange. We'll decide on which providers to focus on based on the feedback given by the users and certain technical constraints.

Where can I find the Connect privacy policy and terms of use?

You can find both documents here: Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

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