Malartu ESG Reporting

Tell the Story of Financial Outcomes with Operational Data

Measuring impact of ESG initiatives is difficult and can often put unneeded strain on fund and portfolio operation teams. Malartu automates the collection of operational ESG data by leveraging our native API integrations and proprietary document parsing tool. Save time, money, and increase accuracy of ESG reporting with Malartu. 

LP's want more transparency into the impact of ESG initiatives so they can trust their GP's are managing these issues effectively.  More and more, LP's are requesting their GPs incorporate ESG criteria in their regular reporting and make investment decisions based on transparency in ESG. GP's must demonstrate and communicate impact of ESG initiatives, key developments, and performance to stakeholders. 


Challenges for General Partners and Limited Partners

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Gathering ESG data can take much more time than operations teams have to dedicate to analysis.

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Specific KPIs

ESG initiatives take on different forms in different companies, often requiring entirely different KPIs per company.

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Inconsistent Reporting

With additional reporting from portfolio companies, it is difficult to standardize reports. Data comes in all shapes and sizes.

How it Works

Malartu leverages our unique approach to data aggregation and flexible reporting to monitor and report on unique ESG metrics for any GP or LP. Our native integrations and proprietary document parsing allow managers to expand their data initiatives and display their impact with hard data.

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Key Benefits to Using Malartu



Measure portfolio ESG performance and how you're working toward goals. Compare performance to a benchmark or goal.


Improve your reporting to internal and external constituents. Create specific dashboards for problem areas or initiatives that need improvement.


Trend Analysis

Get an overall view of fund's progress toward ESG initiatives. Create reports to  highlight leaders and laggards.

Fast Implementation

with low requirements from your team.



Implementation Fees


Reporting Flexibility

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