Growing Businesses

It can take hours, sometimes days, for a team to combine the data they've gathered from a campaign or project. Multiple people working in a spreadsheet, drawing information down from various programs they've been working in. With Malartu, you can cut that time down to a few seconds. Businesses have instant access to all of their performance data in a user-friendly dashboard without any copying and pasting.

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If you're an executive...

Malartu gives you the ability to get a high-level, overarching view of the progress of your company whenever you want. Send detailed reports to investors with the click of a button. Once your books are closed, your data refreshes and your board book or management report is ready for your review. 

If you're part of a team...

View all the data from your integrated tools in an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop dashboard. The software will enable your team to spend more time analyzing the data and less time gathering it. 

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Malartu works with teams to automate data entry and to enhance overall performance. Talk to us today about how we can save your team more than a month per year wasted on generating reports.