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We’re not building a better mousetrap.

We’re building better businesses.

The Malartu Traction program is a framework to empower you to answer the most important questions to your client’s business, then use that offering to grow and scale your firm to accomplish your own goals.

What are the most important questions to your clients?

  • How is my business actually doing?

  • How does that compare to my peers?

  • What does my future look like?

What are the most important things for you?

  • Add more value for your clients

  • Future-proof your firm

  • Grow your business, profitably

The Traction Program is derived from proven processes for both growth and long-term profitability.

It is is designed to improve on the following metrics related to your advisory service and provide a framework to keep your team aligned on your mission:

  • Acquisition: How will you attract new prospects with advisory services

  • Activation: How will you convert prospects to clients with insights and support at scale

  • Revenue: How to build repeatable, high-margin business with advisory services

  • Retention: How to build your advisory services to last, creating a predictable revenue stream

  • Referral: How to grow through published success

As part of the Traction Program, every Malartu Partner’s command center includes three modules:

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Financial Report

A complete breakdown of your costs, revenue, and profit generated as a direct result of working with Malartu.

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Usage Report

How are your clients using their Malartu accounts? Identify your power users, opportunities for upgrades, and more. Understand how to better serve clients.

Support and Growth Strategy

Learn how to use Malartu to build your own advisory community and attract the best prospects for your business. Anything from automated advisory support to content construction, to advertising strategy, we have you covered.

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