The Malartu Partner Traction Program

Malartu Partner Advisors follow a proven, structure process in aligning the capabilities of the Malartu data platform with the growth goals of our Partners. The program consists of two modules:


The Traction module defines the more frequent, monthly meetings between your firm and your Partner Advisor. Traction meetings are time to review progress toward incremental goals that tie directly to the long-term goals defined in your firm’s Vision. Below you will find each agenda item for a Traction meeting.


Partner Advisors review the Vision module quarterly to ensure that the Malartu platform is contributing to the long-term goals of your organization. The purpose of this module is to define lofty, multi-year goals in your advisory business so that Partner Advisors can align the Malartu product roadmap with the goals of your firm.

Partner Advisor Traction Overview

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Scorecard Review

Review key metrics corresponding to your client implementations including client usage metrics, how dashboards are impacting your firm’s growth, and financial outcomes from plan upgrades, downgrades, or client churn.

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Key Objectives Review

Check the status of quarterly objectives and make sure that more granular scorecard metrics are having significant impact on those objectives. Check that each objective has clear owner.

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Client Headlines Review

Review key headlines from clients or members of your team. Headlines can include issues, product improvement ideas, or proclamations of product love and affection.

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Review that previous to-dos have been complete and assign new to-dos for both the Malartu Advisor and your firm’s advisory team.

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Product Roadmap Review

Review the Malartu product roadmap so that you can anticipate how new features will improve your current processes. Align your quarterly goals with upcoming additions to the Malartu product.

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