Custom Pricing for Advisors of All Sizes

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Malartu simplifies reports for your clients and portfolio.

Gather 10X more data in compiled reports.

Aggregate information across a portfolio as easily as you gathered it.

Increased transparency with your portfolio and managers.


  • Real-time data streams

  • Create custom master sheets

  • Create custom reporting schedules

  • API Integration

  • Access to Malartu benchmark data

  • Track unlimited portfolio companies

  • Create unlimited report templates

How we think about pricing

For business advisors, it’s a constant challenge to compile reports, gather enough data to make the best recommendation, and mitigate human error. Every month, you analyze client data in order to maximize the return of your service or your investment. 

You can't just will your way to success, it takes good management and a full understanding of your portfolio. Having a central hub for your team and partners to view the progress of your portfolio is essential. Not to mention, your clients or LP's are always demanding more transparency. Why not tell the whole story through data and get back to doing what you do best? Creating value for your clients.

Your companies have tools in place to track their performance and set KPIs, shouldn't you? We've found an affordable way to bring business intelligence solutions to the business advisor community.

We believe monitoring your portfolio properly is an investment in and of itself. So we set our pricing at a level that allows us to invest in building a great product, and one that continues to add value to your firm.


What is the difference between you and other reporting tools?

We've been on both sides of the table as both founders, advisors, and investors, so we understand the importance of adhering to an existing workflow. We have designed Malartu to plug in directly to your client companies' existing data workflow so that they don't need to change what they're already doing to get you the data you need. Our API connects directly with programs your companies already work with, providing 10X more data in your hands at no added effort on your portfolio companies. 

Are we too small to use Malartu?

We work with advisors of all sizes, from 5-company portfolios to 5000 company portfolios. As your companies grow, our platform grows with them, our Essential Plan supports small groups while our Enterprise Plan provides powerful reporting and analysis functionality to late-stage businesses.

How do you aggregate data?

We aggregate data through a combination of API integrations and custom report mapping. This means we can easily combine information from reports in different formats while enriching those reports with real-time KPI tracking. 


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