GPs and Fund Managers

We built Malartu after living the problem of compiling portfolio reviews from handfuls of portfolio company reports. Reports come in various formats across multiple Excel sheets, making adjustments takes days or more, and reports often don’t contain the information you need to make the best decisions. Gathering the amount of data needed to make the most informed decisions, across multiple businesses with varying operations, can handcuff operations and financial teams to their reporting requirements.

Portfolio data aggregation and reporting requires a flexible, powerful solution that takes on different shapes from firm to firm.

We work closely with you and your teams to adopt to your current workflow and build integrations and configurations to aggregate every bit of information you need and present it in a way that it’s easy to understand for data analysts, partners, limited partners, and other fiduciaries.

Use your current Excel reports, accounting systems, and portfolio monitoring processes or develop new and improved processes with our professional services team. We will fit your needs, and integrate with your workflow, not the other way around.

And the best news? We do this in weeks, not months.

Challenges for General Partners


Existing Processes

Portfolio companies have existing reporting processes, changing this puts unnecessary strain on operations teams.

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Data Abundance

Increased reporting standards require access to more data than ever before.

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Time spent managing portfolio company reports is time spent away from building value.



Current systems are not scalable or available at any time, in any place.



Aggregation and reporting solutions must be able to satisfy the needs of all limited partners and internal operations teams.

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Limited partners and regulators demand the highest level of security possible.

Malartu Features

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Document Parsing

Use existing reporting templates and documents to aggregate your portfolio data.


Native Integrations

Native API connection to virtually any data source for automated aggregation


Custom Calculations

Create unlimited number of calculations including complex functions like IRR and MA.


Drag-and-drop Reporting

Flexible data visualization and reporting to fit all reporting needs.

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Cross-device Compatiility

Malartu dashboards and reports can be viewed on your phone, tablet, laptop, or tv screen. Anywhere in the world.



Full encryption, access management, and user event logs.

Key Benefits to Using Malartu



You don't need to be a data scientist to find the answers you're looking for... just point and click.


Your LP's each want a different report? No problem. You want to whip up a new report for a partner meeting? Do it in seconds.



Malartu can aggregate more data than any other portfolio monitoring system, across your entire portfolio, no matter the size.

Key Metrics

3 Weeks

Implemenation time



Implementation Fees


Reporting Flexibility

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