Professional Services

Malartu's team of consultants supercharge your fund's operations so that you can recognize 100% of the value offered by the Malartu platform.  Unlike most firms, our professional services aren't just a fancy term for implementation. We meet with your team, establish a plan to tackle your data issues, set a framework, a timeline, deliverables, and execute. We do the dirty work, you do what you do best: build value for clients.

Ready to leverage technology and automation in your firm but not quite sure where to start?


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Whether you'd like to aggregate every data point in your firm for quarterly reports or you just want to streamline one line item from one company, let us do the dirty work for you. We will audit and organize the various programs you use to run your business and get your firm running like a well-oiled machine.

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It's one thing to track your KPIs, it's another to improve on them. We will work with your team to establish processes across fund operations, business development, and data analytics to set and achieve goals. We also institute the best possible tools to accomplish those goals. 

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Business Development and Marketing

It's not just about aggregating the data, it's also about where it comes from. Through industry partnerships and extensive experience Malartu has built a network or preferred tools like CRMs, websites, and data rooms that we can integrate to best fit your business development needs.


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