Professional Services

Malartu professional services supercharge your finance, sales, and marketing operations.  We pair these services with our powerful reporting and data aggregation tool to better serve our diverse and growing customer base.


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Whether you're using Malartu to automate financial reports or marketing updates, it helps to make sure the data feeding into our platform is clean. Let us do the dirty work for you. We will audit and organize the various programs you use to run your business.


It's one thing to track your KPIs, it's another to improve on them. We will work with your team to automate processes across sales and marketing, set and achieve goals, and institute the best possible tools to accomplish those goals. 

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Sales and Marketing

From inbound strategies and content generation to prospecting and outreach, we have proven playbooks that will supercharge your sales and marketing efforts. We'll use the Malartu platform to track and report on progress and help you measure ROI.

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Analytics and CRO

Properly configured analytics are key to conversion rate optimization. You have to know where you've been to know how to improve. Malartu will help to audit and enhance your analytics, and then help to improve conversion throughout all of your digital marketing efforts.