It all started when...

Four entrepreneurs with an early stage investment platform realized they had a problem.


With a growing portfolio of funded companies, keeping up with each company's progress and understanding their financial performance was getting increasingly more complicated.

On the surface, we weren't receiving consistent updates from every company in the portfolio.  The more we investigated the inconsistencies the more we understood the root of the problem - creating comprehensive reports on the health and performance of a company takes time. Time away from running the business. Time away from growing the business. Existing solutions interrupt (or in some cases, completely change) the existing workflow of management teams, leaving them unattractive to even the best teams. 

We knew there was a better way to collect and share this information in the 21st century and we knew we were the ones to build it.

Fast forward to 2017 and the updated Malartu platform has taken shape: A program to connect to your existing tools and data sources, aggregate important information, easily create reports to share with stakeholders, teammates, and advisors in whatever format you would like. 

We're building a game-changing product for the private markets with the most forward-thinking, collaborative, intelligent, and fun team in the industry.

We love finance, we love technology, and we love our work. 

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