We bring visibility to your portfolio

Malartu is a data aggregation and reporting platform for private market investors and operators

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We're changing the way performance data is gathered and shared with the most important people in your business. Learn more about how Malartu saves time, increases performance visibility, and mitigates information risk for both operator and investor.

There's a lot of data to manage in your investment group. Malartu connects directly to key data sources like Excel reports, PDFs, or databases to create a single source of truth.

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Malartu aggregates data from portfolio reports, fund governance reports, internal and external databases, and more. Both investor and operator save time with Malartu.

Our Customer Focus

Private Equity Fund Managers

Learn more Malartu helps fund managers manage their portfolio

LPs and Fund of Funds

Learn how Malartu helps limited partners track their portfolio

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Family Offices

Learn how Malartu helps family offices manage many asset classes

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Real Estate

Learn how Malartu helps real estate funds manage their portfolio

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Creating value on both sides of the table.

The Malartu platform isn't just helpful to portfolio managers, we help your underlying companies and third-parties as well. Operators use Malartu to gain insight into their business every day, not just once a month. 

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Data and Insights

Our team of entrepreneurs, investors, and management consultants are constantly creating helpful content on how to expand and improve your operation. 


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