Put Your Data To Work.

Malartu automates business advisory reports. Understand where the business has been, where it’s going, and how that compares to peers. Generate niche insights your team and clients can’t live without.

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Malartu Is Your Competitive Edge

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Robust Reporting

Create industry specific dashboards for clients without a single line of code. Incorporate custom calculations using financial and operations data. Slice and dice across categories. Dial data visualizations to suit your needs.

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Automated Data Connections

Connect directly to the key data sources in your business, from Xero to Quickbooks to Salesforce to Harvest. Leverage our growing list of data connections to bring all the most important data points in your business to one place.

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Manage A Network Of Accounts

Build a portfolio of accounts to consolidate data from unique entities or create benchmark data sets from a group of like companies. Leverage access to networks of business data to create new, valuable insights for your business.

Introducing The Malartu Partner Traction Program

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The complete guide to offering advisory services to your accounting and bookkeeping clients.


Empowering Customers With Data


Malartu Is Made With Love In North Carolina

We love growing businesses. Let us show you how we can help grow yours through data.

Not ready for a demo? No problem. Check out our blog to learn new practices, how customers use Malartu, and more:

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