Save Time with Malartu Data Aggregation

Whether you're aggregating data from Excel sheets in different formats or straight from a database, Malartu will save you tremendous amount of time on parsing and data-entry.

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One-click integrations.

Malartu makes it easy to quickly connect to all the tools you use, providing a single source of truth to analyze your data and share it with the most important people in your business.

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Save Time

 Aggregate all your data into Malartu through our integrations. Work with newly aggregated data by calculating metrics, building reports, or building dashboards.  

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Increase Visibility

Dashboards and our data visualization partners help you to quickly gain insight from your data. Create different reports for different teams, including your LP's.

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Mitigate Information Risk

Your fund manages a huge number of reports coming from a vast number of places. Mitigate the risk of "fat-fingering" or negligence with Malartu's automated solution.


The New Normal

Malartu normalizes key performance data for every company on our platform. But what does that mean for you?

It means you can finally compare company performance apples to apples. Whether you're analyzing your portfolio of private companies or benchmarking your performance against other companies in your network, Malartu data normalization is a game-changer.

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