Malartu is Designed to Answer the Most Important Questions in Your Business

These answers are our product pillars: performance, benchmarking, and forecasting

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1. How Healthy Is My Business?

Get the full scope of your business through automated data connections and custom metric calculations. Connect to both financial and operational data sources, create bespoke visualizations, and manage a team of users.

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2. How Does My Business Stack Up to My Peers?

Understand how your performance stacks up against peers within your advisory network or the broader industry. Quickly identify areas for opportunity or competitive advantages.

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3. Where Is My Business Headed?

Forecast future scenarios based on past performance to better predict the road ahead. What if you make adjustments based on what you’ve learned? How might that help you reach personal and professional goals?

Unlock the Value in Your Network

Malartu Partners like accountants, bookkeepers, consultants, and franchises leverage their network’s to generate new insights for all to grow and learn from. Malartu’s unique approach to business intelligence unlocks the value in a network of businesses. Seamlessly manage tens, hundreds, or thousands of Malartu accounts, create internal benchmark data sets, and more using Malartu Portfolios.

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