SalesLoft + Malartu

SalesLoft + Malartu


SalesLoft is the Sales Engagement Platform for modern sales organizations.

With Malartu you can build custom dashboards and reports to analyze and share your SalesLoft data. These dashboards and reports update in real time alongside other connected integrations. Blend SalesLoft data with data from other programs to create metrics specific to your business.

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Powerful reporting for your sales team

SalesLoft is an exceptionally powerful tool for reaching new prospects and converting customers, but not always great when you want to see specifically how different reps are performing or how your sales data stacks up to operations data. Malartu allows you to work with your SalesLoft data in an endless number of ways. Here are a few examples:

Automate Sheets for Performance Reviews

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Track Performance of Cadences over Time

Pasted image at 2017_11_06 03_13 PM.png

Create Dashboards for Specific Teams and Clients

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Don't just take our word for it, see how RevGen uses Malartu + SalesLoft to manage their whole sales team.

Questions you can answer by integrating SalesLoft

How many prospects did we load into our funnel last week?

Which of our outreach emails performs the best?

What messaging performs best on the phone versus through email?

Popular metrics associated with SalesLoft

Number of Calls Last Week

Ratio of Dials to Demos

Demos Booked

Pitch Rejected

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