156 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Finance and Accounting

Leading indicators best represent the business’s headlights and tell you where the company is going and what obstacles to watch out for. By the time your financial statements alert you to an issue, it’s too late, but by mixing certain operational data points with financial data you can provide leading indicators for your team to avoid pitfalls.

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How to build a bulletproof pricing strategy for advisory services

Setting a pricing strategy is arguably the most intimidating process for any new advisor. It’s complicated and scary enough that there are pricing consultants to help you price… your consulting services. Let’s simplify this a bit. The fact is, everyone has a maximum amount they are willing to pay for a good or service. It’s your job to get as close to that as possible. 

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The Complete Guide to Healthcare KPIs for Accountants and Physicians

Every modern medical practice owner has to do two things: provide excellent healthcare and grow a thriving business. 

Most physicians have the first part covered - they started their practice because they believe they can offer a higher quality of care than the next physician.

The second part - growing and managing a thriving business?

That’s tricky. 

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Ask these five questions to every advisory service client

Many accountants think advisory work is just offering balance sheet ratios or asset ratios because that’s what the reporting tools of yesteryear have lead you to believe. In reality, adding value as an advisor is about understanding your client’s deepest business challenges and providing them with the data to make better decisions.

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