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The Complete Guide to Healthcare KPIs for Accountants and Physicians

Every modern medical practice owner has to do two things: provide excellent healthcare and grow a thriving business. 

Most physicians have the first part covered - they started their practice because they believe they can offer a higher quality of care than the next physician.

The second part - growing and managing a thriving business?

That’s tricky. 

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The Best Metrics to Manage Your Rental Real Estate Portfolio

Traditional real estate portfolio management reports provided by accounting firms include a Profit & Loss Statement (P/L), a Balance Sheet (B/S), and Statement of Cash Flow.

The Profit & Loss shows the income and expenses for any given period, the Balance Sheet shows a company’s assets and liabilities for at any point in time, and the Statement of Cash Flow shows how the cash was utilized for a given period.

The flaw of traditional accounting reports like these, and P/Ls alone, is that they report the facts for a given period but fail to provide any actionable information. What factors contributed to those outcomes?

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How to Validate Your Business Concept with Data

One of the best exercises you can go through as you initially validate an idea is to go out in public and interview people who would be your potential customers. There’s no other way to get feedback on your concept initially, and one thing that’s way more uncomfortable than talking to strangers about an idea is spending 100’s of hours building that idea, to only find out no one wants it.

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The Malartu Data Maturity Model

To get to the point of being truly data driven, your firm needs to know where you’ve been and where you currently stand in your path to data maturity. It’s important to follow this model because trust is built along this path - it is impossible to make important strategic decisions based on data without trust that your data and systems are reliable.

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How to Improve Company Culture with the EOS Model

We often work with PE firms who have recently acquired a company and, as part of their plan to grow the value of that company, implement new systems to build the type of culture they’ve seen succeed in other businesses. Whether you’re just getting started or trying to spark new growth in a mature company, you’re going to be asking yourself how to develop a commitment culture.

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Nonprofit Management: Setting Key Metrics

Managers at nonprofits have a unique set of challenges related to furthering their business while also furthering their mission. Progress cannot always be measured by simple metrics like revenue-growth and grants-made because you’re not really in the business of making money and giving money away: you’re in business to better the world...

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Benchmarking Software Will Make You A Better Manager

The fact is, data transfer and data visualization are only two parts of the business intelligence equation. The third part, and the largest missing piece, is what you do with this information - how you gain actionable insights. The first step to understanding the difference between where you are and where you need to be is finding the benchmark.

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Understanding Campaign Tagging and UTM Codes in Google Analytics

When a visitor comes to a site that has the Google Analytics tracking code installed, Google Analytics captures data via cookies like what kind of traffic it is, where the visitor came from, their browser, screen resolution, country, metro, etc. Campaign tagging allows you to overwrite this data with your own custom variables to get better insight into who this visitor is and why they’re coming to your site.

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Shifting your company to an inbound marketing strategy

Inbound marketing is a consumer-centric marketing model that focuses on building a lasting brand image and attracting longterm consumers. Instead of forcing information on potential customers (outbound marketing), inbound marketing attracts customers to the firm organically. This shift in ideology from "push" to "pull" marketing tactics allows companies to focus on building and maintaining customer relationships based on a foundation of high-quality content aligned with company values. Inbound marketing, in a sense, is simply a form of customer education.

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The Best Entrepreneurs are Gym Rats

It’s fun working with early-stage companies, because every company and every situation is different.  Some need to be set up, some are raising angel and venture capital, some need help with general contract negotiation and drafting, and others are on a hiring spree.  However, a few things hold true throughout these diverse startup companies.  For one, it takes a ton of work to make a new business successful.

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Biology is Destiny: Choice of Culture Models and Startup Survival

In 1998, just a year after returning to lead the company he founded after a 12-year hiatus, Steve Jobs took the opportunity presented by a MacWorld address to confront Apple’s critics in public.  During his appearance, he humorously outlined what he dubbed a “Hierarchy of Skepticism,” in order to make a clever, pre-emptive strike against the criticisms he’d inevitably face next.

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All Business Metrics are not Created Equal: Key Performance Indicators

Measuring a business's success can be a difficult task for many entrepreneurs running today's startups.  Who or what's to say a business is successful? Does generating revenue mean success? Questions like these can create a lot of sleepless nights for entrepreneurs.  However, there are ways to answer these types of introspective questions.  Use your business' metrics as a measure of success.

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What are Vanity Metrics? And How to Avoid Them.

Not all metrics are created equal. It takes time, effort, and a strong understanding of your business to identify the best metrics to track for your situation. Metrics fall into two categories for most companies: vanity metrics, or actionable metrics (Key Performance Indicators). Today, we are discussing what exactly makes a vanity metric so we can either avoid tracking something of no value, or better yet, turn that metric into a KPI.  To start, let's take a look at the definition of vanity.

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