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156 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Finance and Accounting

Leading indicators best represent the business’s headlights and tell you where the company is going and what obstacles to watch out for. By the time your financial statements alert you to an issue, it’s too late, but by mixing certain operational data points with financial data you can provide leading indicators for your team to avoid pitfalls.

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How Data Analytics Will Transform Private Equity

Investors working with private companies experience the same free and ubiquitous access to data that much of the tech industry realized in the late 2000’s but have yet to capitalize on the opportunity. If you take a random sample of fund managers and ask them how they leverage data from due-diligence, portfolio monitoring, or their own fund’s operation, the answer generally encompasses a mix of analysts, cumbersome excel files, and CRMs. The data is available but locked in an antiquated system. Herein lies the opportunity.

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The Top 10 Metro Areas for Middle Market Investing

If you read our newsletter and weekly update, you’ll quickly learn that we like data, and we like ranking things. Given our approach to middle market portfolio tracking, we set out to rank the top 10 areas to invest in middle market businesses. We’ll call these “high-growth, low-hype” markets, a phrase first coined by the co-founders of Frontier Capital, Richard Maclean and Andrew Lindner. But before we get to ranking, let’s talk briefly about high-growth, low-hype, and the middle market.

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