Powerful Data Aggregation and Reporting for Accounting Firms

Aggregate and analyze client financial data instantly so you can focus on adding value, not building reports.

Malartu empowers accountants to provide value-added insight to their clients in custom dashboards, automatically. Accountants use Malartu to provide management dashboards specific to the client's business, consolidate data across multiple client accounts, and forecast client performance from one platform. 

Forecasting tax liability for a client with multiple entities? Building an audit book? Preparing a client for a debt or equity financing? Advising a client on the future of their business? With your client's data in one place, the possibilities are endless.


How it works

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Connect Client Data Accounts

Clients connect their accounting software within their individual Malartu account, this data is shared with your firm's Malartu account.

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Work with Client Data Freely

With access to the client databases you can skip the document request letter. Everything you need is at your fingertips within seconds.

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Instantly Build Reports

Build reports and dashboards from our library of pre-builts or build custom templates specific to your firm.

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Build or Connect to Internal Models

Already have an audit system or tax model built internally? No problem. Leverage our REST API or excel exports to bring data from Malartu to anywhere you wish.

Key Features

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Malartu is fully encrypted to the lowest level, keeping your client's data safe. Access security logs to understand who changed what throughout your organization.

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Pre-Built Reports

Use our growing library of pre-built reports to instantly build helpful dashboards and blocks for clients. Create your own pre-built reports to use across your organization for certain business types.

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Data Consolidation

Whether consolidating accounts for clients with multiple entities or benchmarking data across your client base, consolidate client data with ease.

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Anomaly Detection

Create alerts and tolerances for certain metrics, alerting you when those metrics reach a certain level or threshold.

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Data Normalization

Intelligent data mapping means account names are uniform across your whole database, providing for quick analysis and benchmarking for any purpose.

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More than Financial Data

Connect more than just financial data using our suite of integrations. Blend various data sources, build dashboards for all departments of a client's business.

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Visibility and Flexibility

Create beautiful, custom dashboards with client data, adding value as an advisor and giving your clients an interface to interact with on a daily basis.

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Use the Malartu API to pipe data from client accounts to your own database, custom model, or another tool automatically.

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Increase profits by automating reports

Automate the task of creating custom reports for clients, freeing up your team to offer more high-rate consulting services and value. Leverage pre-built Malartu reports or create reports custom to your firm or individual clients. Already have custom modules? Use our API to pipe client data from their account, straight into your module.

Fix the one-to-many reporting problem

Lenders are increasingly looking for alternative forms of data and reporting. Malartu's custom reporting interface makes it simple to consolidate and/or organize client data in different ways, saving your team valuable time.  

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Create additional revenue streams for your firm

White-label your Malartu account and client accounts with your logo to add advanced data aggregation to your suite of value-add services. Save time, and add additional revenue streams for your firm by leveraging the power of Malartu analytics.

Talk to us today about how we can save your team more than a month per year generating reports.

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