NC State MIE 310 Student Project

NC State students in Jeff Pollack's MIE 310 class will be using the Malartu platform to measure traction for one of their identified
opportunities. Put simply, student groups choose one of their ideas that they would like to “validate.”
Students design and publish a landing page, integrate the page with Google Analytics and social media channels, and build their audience.  Their goal is to
drive as much traffic and engagement to their site (and the social media outlets) as possible.  Data on the performance of each group is aggregated in Malartu and displayed on the class leaderboard. At the end of the
semester, the data from the semester project is aggregated in Malartu and submitted to the MIE 310 professor for review.

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Track key metrics...

Malartu gives you the ability to get an overarching view of the progress of your company whenever you want. Create custom dashboards and reports to share with anyone you choose. Native integrations refresh your data each day automatically. 

Work with your team...

With your data in one place, work with your team to grow your audience and engagement during the course of the semester. Use your dashboard, the class leaderboard, and the student resource center to grow and engage your audience. 

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Malartu works with NC State to train the next generation of entrepreneurs to track key metrics and get the most out of the Malartu platform.