MIE 310 Student Portal

NC State students in Tim Michaelis' MIE 310 class will be using the Malartu platform to measure traction for one of your identified
opportunities. Put simply, you will choose one of your ideas that you would like to “validate.”
You all will put up a landing page, and integrate the page with social media—your goal is to
drive as much traffic to your site (and the social media outlets) as possible. At the end of the
semester, your Malartu Dashboard will be your deliverable.

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Track your key metrics...

Malartu gives you the ability to get a high-level, overarching view of the progress of your company whenever you want. Send detailed reports to investors with the click of a button. Once your books are closed, your data refreshes and your board book or management report is ready for your review. 

Work with your team...

View all the data from your integrated tools in an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop dashboard. The software will enable your team to spend more time analyzing the data and less time gathering it. 

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Malartu works with NC State to train the next generation of entrepreneurs to track key metrics and get the most out of the Malartu platform.