Ab Inbev IPO


Emailed on July 5th, 2019 in The Friday Forward

Anheuser-Busch InBev disclosed this week that it will seek to raise upwards of $9.8 billion in a Hong Kong IPO of its Asia-Pacific business.

That's almost 544 Million cases of Budweiser for those of you are imbibing this week. 

This could become the year's largest IPO, topping the $8.1 billion raised in May by Uber. It also could give the unit an initial market cap of nearly $64 billion (around the same size as Heineken), and help AB InBev cut into a debt pile it built via the 2016 purchase of SABMiller.

According to Axios: "The company is counting on the region’s growth potential to draw interest in the shares as the beer business faces stagnating prospects elsewhere. AB InBev has already cornered the premium market in China and has been buying up local craft brands to reach fashionable millennials with a taste for more expensive brews."

All this got me thinking: how big is AB Inbev, the company behind basically every light beer you drink? They currently have a market cap of $175B and did 54.62B in revenue last year.

Sean Steigerwald