Ambrosia Halts Anti-Aging Treatments After FDA Warning


Emailed on February 22, 2019 in The Friday Forward

If you're feeling tired, looking wrinkled or otherwise enfeebled, Ambrosia (a company out of San Francisco) claims they can fix that. What is their super cure? Simple, go straight vampire and inject yourself with the blood of the youth. 

Seriously, Ambrosia sold blood plasma injections harvested from young people. To literally no one's surprise the FDA stepped in to be the voice of reason and remind people that there is no evidence of any benefits related this therapy and in fact, it can be incredibly dangerous. 

Fun Fact: Ambrosia is the name given to the mythological drink of the Greek gods that gave them long life or even immortality and was said to have been brought to Olympus by doves.

Sean Steigerwald