Security shmecurity

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Emailed on March 22, 2019 in The Friday Forward

Slack announced this week that it is launching Enterprise Key Management (EKM) for Slack, a new tool that enables customers to control their encryption keys in the enterprise version of the communications app. The keys are managed in the AWS KMS key management tool.

This move makes the collaboration tool available to markets like financial services, healthcare, and government, where encryption keys are required to be managed by the organization. 

And... shmecurity
Guess who? None other than Mark "f***-your-privacy" Zuckerburg and Facebook.

Facebook confirmed on Thursday that it had kept “hundreds of millions” of user passwords in a “readable format”—meaning engineers and other employees with access to the company’s internal systems could see the actual plaintext passwords.

The social network said that it discovered the misshap during a “routine security review in January.”

At this point we may as well assume Facebook has our data in a database protected by the digital form of a piggy bank.

Sean Steigerwald