Stripe funding


Emailed on September 20th, 2019 in The Friday Forward

This week Stripe announced it’s raising another $250 million in funding at a pre-money valuation of $35 billion. 

That meeting must have gone something like:

Exec: $250 million for .7% dilution? 

Anyone else in the room:

Exec: Yeah, that works for us.

This is a huge jump in valuation for the company: Stripe  was valued at $22.5 billion earlier this year when it raised $100 million

Sticking it to SoftBank: Stripe said that General Catalyst, Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia are all investing . TechCrunch also reports that SoftBank had been considering an investment. “It was a big miss when SoftBank didn’t invest two years ago,” one source close to the VC said to TechCrunch.  TC confirmed also with John Collison — the president of Stripe who co-founded the company with his brother Patrick (who is the CEO) — that SoftBank is not in this funding round.

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Sean Steigerwald