We wanted flying cars...


Emailed on January 25, 2019 in The Friday Forward

But how about bikes that ride themselves?

Uber is apparently working to integrate autonomous driving and sensing technology into their electric bicycles and scooters, according to 3D Robotics CEO Chris Anderson. Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) made the announcement this weekend at a DIYRobocars event.

Autonomous electric bicycles and scooters may be able to drive themselves to charging locations or reposition themselves to locations with higher demand.

I, for one, am incredibly curious to see how a bike props itself up and takes off down the street toward its next rider. And before you say it, are tricycles really going to be the rage?

Related: Wag  founders Jonathan and Joshua Viner are leaving dogs behind for bikes. Wheels, the Viner brothers’ new electric bike-share startup, is announcing $37 million in funding from Tenaya Capital, Bullpen Capital, Naval Ravikant and others. 

Wheels will join the likes of Uber’s Jump, Lyft’s Motivate and others in competing for bike-share market share.

Sean Steigerwald