KPInsights Selects Malartu for Client Advisory Reporting

KPInsights, an accounting and advisory firm based in Leesburg, VA, has selected Malartu to automate client advisory reports and dashboards. 

KPInsights is a boutique financial consulting firm offering AccountingData Analytics and CFO services for small to mid-sized businesses. KPInsights’ mission is to provide the experience and expertise of a large finance department at a cost that fits your small company budget.

KPInsights will leverage Malartu to analyze data and empower the tracking of company metrics. KPInsights has designed specific metrics to measure entire lines of business, business process, specific customers or products, to name a few. Some sample metrics include:

  • Profit by Customer,Product, Unit, etc.

  • Multi-variable business modeling

  • Web & App Analytics

  • ROI on marketing activities

Each business is different and each business has unique goals and metrics. KPInsights can help you define these metrics and implement the business processes to measure these metrics on a regular basis. Let KPInsights analytics expertise help empower your management team to make informed strategic decisions.


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