What We Shipped: Advanced VS Prior Analysis and IFS Functions


As seen in The Friday Forward

New features added to the Malartu platform that will make you and your team exclaim, “Ship Yeah!” and high five with data-induced excitement.

Advanced VS Prior Analysis

You can now specify exactly which prior period to compare current data to. 

For example, compare last month's performance to the same month the prior year or the month before that, or the month before that, and so on. Compare this YTD to the same period two years ago, etc. 

To use this feature, toggle your block options, select VS Prior, and adjust the number of periods you'd like to look back. 


IFS Functions

The IF function is one of the most popular functions in Excel, and it's now combined with the power of BI.

With our new IFS function, you can set a nearly infinite number of "tests" against any metric (including those you have custom calculated) and return any value.

The most popular use case for this, in business at least, is commission calculators. Commissions calculations can get complex, especially in SaaS. With IFS functions we're excited to see sales teams get a clear view into how they're paid so they can continue focusing on selling. 

We'll be publishing more content around how we use the IFS functions internally in the coming months.