How to use analytics to build your advisory business

When you go through the process of building and iterating an advisory offering within a specific niche, what you end up with is a valuable tool for virtually any business owner within that niche.

Let’s talk about how to get compounding returns on the time you’ve put into this package:

Write about it.

Leveraging the Insights Exchange

The Malartu Insights Exchange is our content outlet targeted specifically to business owners in order to attract them to Malartu and pair them with relevant, expert advisors. The content featured on the exchange is generated by advisors in our community that are targeting niche sectors, sizes, or industries.

Insights exchange posts give context to the template boards advisors have created, and the posts are optimized to be easily found by business owners that could benefit from those boards.

Malartu is all about relevant insights, which means business owners first need to understand why this data is meaningful and important to their business. Insights exchange posts help with that.

Talk to us about generating your first Insights Exchange post. Not only will our experts help you write it, we’ll run $100 in digital advertisements to kickstart traffic to the post in the first 30 days. Yes, literally free advertising.

But how does this web traffic convert to leads for your business? By using templates as lead magnets.

Using templates as lead magnets

A lead magnet is an incentive that marketers offer to potential buyers in exchange for their email address or other contact information.

By driving traffic to your niche board templates, you can turn them into lead magnets.

But this is not your typical lead.

In this case, leads who use your board and opt to speak with you are supplementing their contact information with rich, relevant data on their business, organized in a way that’s meaningful to the both of you (I mean, you did build the template right?).

And all of this is happening while you sleep.

Not convinced? Check out this article on how we do this to land our own customers at Malartu

If you’d like to run this playbook at your firm, you may also want to consider white-labeling to bring your brand to the forefront.

Are you ready to rock and roll?

We hope so! If you’ve bought in to the idea of creating niche, relevant board templates for your clients (and prospects), it’s a good idea to develop your own onboarding guide for business owners.

You speak the language, you’re the expert on your niche.

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