How to scale your advisory services with technology

Scaling your advisory operations is all about repeatability and process.

Repeatability in how you implement with clients as they subscribe to your advisory service.

Process in how you provide unique and relevant insights to that client’s business.

By this point, you should have met with a handful of clients over your accounts, noted their feedback and come up with ideas to improve. This is an iterative process.

Iterating on executive boards

Your templates are the products that supplement your service, so this is your chance to become a product manager.

Our favorite product question to ask customers at Malartu is this:

“What could we do to surprise you? What could we do, not to make this better, but to make you tell everyone about it?”

As you ask customers these questions, make sure you relay valuable information to your partner advisor - we want to deliver these things for your client. Additionally, if you come across any new ideas for product features, let us know in our community!

Submit templates to your success manager

Once you’ve taken the feedback from your initial accounts, you’ll probably land on the V2 of your executive board and maybe a handful of specific boards to your niche.

As we outlined before, submit these boards to your Malartu success team and we will templatize these. Boards can be listed publicly in our insights exchange or privately to just your portfolio.

We’ll get into how you can use public boards to build your business in the next module.

Set goals and alerts across accounts

With the number of client accounts growing, it’s time to start thinking about how to scale relevant advice to more clients.

One of our core values at Malartu is “Create Leverage.” Leverage = creating maximum output from a given input.

In this case, we will maximize the output of your advisory services by setting alerts for the key metrics clients are tracking to improve their business.

Even within your niche, these metrics can be different for each and every client. For example, a dentist who just took over a new practice is going to have different goals than one who is preparing for a sale. They will be tracking different KPIs.

On Malartu you can set an acceptable goal range for any metric, and set alerts to send to any person via email, Slack, or SMS.

Here’s how to set alerts for any metric

Want some inspiration for different alerts you could set? Check out

When alerts are firing, you can move from being a reactive advisor to a proactive consultant, solving issues before they become major problems.

Ready to supercharge your advisory services? Download our guide to advising with analytics.

The Guide to Advising with Analytics

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