Make Any Calculation, Using Any Data Source

Create custom, complex calculations using data from sources like your accounting software or your sales CRM… in seconds.

Malartu’s custom metric builder empowers managers to combine the same logic they’ve come to love from Excel with the power of Malartu business intelligence. Calculate anything from the simple growth rate of multiple revenue lines to the internal rate of return of an investment. Use data from any connected source.

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Custom Metrics are how teams get answers to specific questions.

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Blend data sources…

Make calculations with metrics from different data sources as easy as selecting cells in a spreadsheet. No data cleaning, no code.

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With basic operators…

Create dynamic calculators with your data by using static numbers with automated streams. Easily calculate KPIs for any department.

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Or complex functions…

From calculating the internal rate of return to writing custom IF/Then functions, Malartu can tackle it in seconds. Edit and update functions at any time.