98% of Your Household Cleaner is Water


Emailed on June 21st, 2019 in The Friday Forward

U.S. consumers spend nearly $10 billion on spray cleaners each year, but report close to zero brand identification or preference. 

So, after meeting at their previous employer, Big Ass Fan's (guess what they sold), Jon Bostock and Alex Reed started Truman's: a direct-to-consumer, renewable cleaning product subscription service.

A big portion of Big Ass Fan’s success, says Reed, was creative and customer-centric marketing. So the duo is setting out to do the same thing for the sleepy industry of spray cleaners. 

The service works within the framework that other successful D2C companies have created — products like Dollar Shave Club and SmileDirectClub. 

Truman’s offers four flavors of cleaning products: Everything and the Kitchen Sink, Floors Truly, More Shower to You and The Glass Is Always Cleaner. You can guess which portion of the home each is made for. 

Fun fact: Most of what’s inside a bottle of household cleaner is not even cleaning fluid: 98 percent of the average cleaning product is water. 

Check out the Truman's video on their website here.

Sean Steigerwald