Gina Scott & Associates Selects Malartu for Client Advisory Reporting

Gina Scott & Associates, an accounting and advisory firm based in Durham, North Carolina, has selected Malartu to automate client advisory reports and dashboards. 

Gina Scott & Associates provides a dynamic combination of professional accounting methods and business best practices combined with productivity enhancing technology to support their customers as an extension of their teams. 

“We are excited about our partnership with Malartu, we finally found a partner to assist with solving our Xero client reporting needs including cash flow, tracking categories, and business case reporting templates, with a direct Xero integration,” said Gina Scott of Gina Scott & Associates.

Gina Scott & Associates will leverage Malartu to generate client-specific reports from financial data found in Xero and operational data from Google Analytics, Salesforce, and more. Using Malartu, the team will be able to distill traditional financial reports into insightful and effective dashboard reports specific to each client, decreasing Gina Scott & Associates’ time spent creating reports and increasing value delivered to their clients.

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