Xero Financial Dashboard

Created by: Malartu

Standard financial statements are overwhelming to the average business owner, but understanding them is critical to success. Wow your team by using this template to visualize data from your three financial statements: Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cashflow.

About the Board

This template is designed to give businesses who use Xero a quick view of fundamental KPIs from Income Statement and Balance Sheet data. With this board, business owners will gain an understanding of:

  • What opportunity do I have to increase my profitability?

  • What is my breakeven point?

  • How likely am I to qualify for a new bank loan?

  • How have my revenue, gross profit, and EBIT growth rates changes over time?



About the Template Author

Malartu is an automated reporting and business intelligence platform for accountants, business advisors, and consultants to generate insights from client and portfolio data and grow their business.

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