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The Best Consolidation Tool For Multi-Unit Businesses. Period.

Consolidate data from multiple accounting files in minutes. Get notified when accounts go unmapped. Work with disparate files as one.

Malartu Consolidate brings the power of Malartu business intelligence to multi-unit businesses. Understand the performance of your holding company as one, cohesive organization, or breakdown performance per business unit.

Malartu artificial intelligence notifies you when new accounts appear, keeping your master chart of accounts up-to-date and accurate at all times.

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Consolidate data from any connected source


Consolidate is how teams get the full view into business performance.

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Connect all company files

Automate the consolidation of multiple accounting files, no matter the file type. Consolidate data cross-platform (ie. QBO, QBD, or Xero).

Intelligent monitoring

Malartu AI watches for anomalies like the addition of a new chart of accounts in a child company file. Get notified that a new mapping is needed so your data set is always complete.

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Drilldown capabilities

Work with data at the consolidated level, or drill into the performance of individual business units. Work with data in blocks and boards just like you would any other data source.

How it works

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Connect data sources and build your master chart of accounts

Don’t worry, you don’t need to do any prep work within your subsidiary chart of accounts, Malartu’s dynamic mapping tool will take care of all the legwork.

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Map new data with AI

Malartu’s artificial intelligence will notify you when new chart of accounts exist in subsidiary companies that may be missing from your consolidated data set.

Uncover deep insights from both consolidated and subsidiary company data

With your data consolidated you can build consolidated reports, break up reports by subsidiary company, or calculate completely custom metrics with consolidated data.

Gain clarity into the operation of your multi-unit business today