How to build your first board in Malartu

There’s a Help Doc for just about everything in Malartu. Make sure to check out while getting set up with your first board. But first, here are a few in particular that will help you get up and running in no time:

You can also:

And lastly, our professional services team will build any board for you, whenever you’d like (they’re fast too). Learn more about that here.

Turning a board into a template

Once you have a board close to complete and you’d like to use it across your client base, it’s time to start thinking about turning it into a template.

To make sure we maintain usability and data integrity, the templatization process is handled by our engineering team at Malartu (totally free).

When you’re ready to submit a board to be templated, simply start a chat in the lower right corner and let us know! We’ll collect the necessary information and turn that right around for you.

Private vs Public Templates

One last note on templates: many advisors opt to list their templates publicly in our insights exchange so that businesses outside their network are introduced to their brand and analytics savvy.

How to contribute to the pre-built library and drive new business

However, if the board you’ve built contains some proprietary insight, you may want to keep it private and only allow your portfolio to access it.

We’ll establish this protocol during the templatization process. You can move a template from public to private (or vice versa) at any time.

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