Stripe Subscriptions Dashboard

Created by: Malartu

The best teams use the Stripe subscription dashboard to drive subscription business growth and turn their companies into industry leaders. This template automates subscription revenue and customer reporting. Simply connect Stripe and Malartu will calculate all your most important SaaS metrics.

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Mix Stripe data with accounting data like Xero or QuickBooks to gain an even deeper understanding of how subscription movements affect your business.

About the Board

This template is designed to give managers the answers to the following questions:

  • Are we on track to hit our ARR target?

  • What is our customer lifetime value?

  • What is our cost to acquire a customer?

  • Which plans are churning or leading to expansion?

Data Source Required


About the Template Author

Malartu is an automated reporting and business intelligence platform for accountants, business advisors, and consultants to generate insights from client and portfolio data and grow their business.

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