TSheets Time Tracking Dashboard

Created by: Malartu

Your team’s billable utilization rate is key to your success when working on any project, let alone how many hours each member is working. Wow your team by using this template to visualize data from TSheets: Everything from time entries by team member, to your top 10 projects, to what tasks make up each project. This time tracking template dashboard will give you a huge head start in your team’s analytic capabilities.

Mix Harvest data with financial data like Xero or QuickBooks to gain an even deeper understanding of how time entries affect your business.

About the Board

This template is designed to give managers the answers to the following questions:

  • How is the team performing? Who are top performers?

  • What projects are taking the most time? Are they profitable?

  • Which tasks are taking the most time? What portion of those tasks are billable?


About the Template Author

Malartu is an automated reporting and business intelligence platform for accountants, business advisors, and consultants to generate insights from client and portfolio data and grow their business.

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